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Solutions for Trauma, Attention, and Long COVID


Dr. Lorrie Fisher,

Would you say that your health can affect your thoughts and mood?  And that your thoughts or mood can affect your health?  (Yes.)  Then doesn't it make sense to treat both for faster and deeper results?

Life events have an impact (good or bad) on your thinking, feelings, and health.  Fisher Behavior offers technologies and brain-based trauma therapy that address the fallout from challenging life events and circumstances.  It's possible for your brain and body to learn to return more quickly to a natural, healthy state when mind and body are both cared for.


Fisher Behavior provides at home therapies to correct the way your nervous system and mind have wired together. We specialize in healing trauma, ADD/ADHD, and now in resolution of post-infection Long COVID. 


Interested to learn more? Text to 310.703.7449, or send the contact form for a free half hour consultation with Dr. Fisher by phone or zoom.

Trauma overwhelms the nervous system. Mind then attaches threatening or depressing meanings to what has happened. Anxiety takes hold.


Trauma and anxiety cause life to become more complicated and less manageable.


Panic and anxiety take a terrible toll on health and happiness. Eventually, anxiety gives way to exhaustion and isolation. Opportunities disappear. 


A handful of sessions can gently and painlessly reverse the effects of trauma and anxiety. 

Online Trauma Resolution

Sad on Couch

Home Neurofeedback with Remote Supervision

ADHD hurts productivity, friendships, self-esteem, sobriety, sleep, and piece of mind.


Families are robbed of close and affectionate years together.


ADHD results from problems with brain maturation. It is a brain disorder, not a personality disorder.

Neurofeedback is like giving the brain a mirror so it can understand how to optimize.

Today, we are able to offer remotely supervised home neurofeedback to our clients.  This breakthrough treatment is the same as in-office neurofeedback, but at a fraction of the price, and with the luxury of choosing your own training schedule.


Neurofeedback (brain training) is a scientifically proven, holistic treatment for ADHD. With in-home neurofeedback, all the equipment needed is supplied, and every step of treatment is monitored remotely.  By training at home, you dictate your own schedule of up to 30 sessions per month for a much lower flat rate.

Online Neurofeedback

"Working with Dr. Fisher is a real pleasure. She has that rare quality of being both technically skilled and extremely compassionate. Her scope of knowledge and expertise are impressive. More so than most health care practitioners, Lorrie has exceled at distance supervision. Using facetime, we have met as often as needed. This is included in her flat fee for neurofeedback.  Lorrie manages settings to the neurofeedback equipment and protocols entirely over the internet, usually with a same day response." 

Mark R., Newport Beach, CA

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