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Evaluaton and Treatmen

Dr. Lorrie Fisher

Solutions for Trauma, Anxiety, and ADHD

Fisher Behavior offers comprehensive care for your mind and body in order to deepen and accelerate the benefits of your therapy. 


Contact Dr. Fisher to learn more about your options to from a range of brain-based technologies, rapid therapies, and coaching with neurostimulation.


You can feel better.  Text to 310.703.7449, or send the contact form for a free consultation with Dr. Fisher by phone or zoom.

Getting Started with Evaluation and Treatment

Step 1:  Text a request for your initial consultation online or by zoom or phone (30 minutes). Please provide your time zone and ideal time of day.  310.703.7449.

Step 2:   Depending on your individual circumstances, we may schedule a brain map (in-office or at-home), a neurocognitive test online, genetic testing at-home (saliva), and a personal history (zoom). Or we may decide to set an appointment for hypnotherapy or coaching.

Step 3:  If we have decided that a brain map and various types of testing will be useful, we will review the analyst's report and test results, then arrange the next steps according to what makes sense for you.

Step 4:  You will be provided with all the time and attention you need to keep your home therapy on track with your goals.    

The human brain has been called the most complicated thing in the universe. Too complex for our conscious mind to direct. Take a little time to think about all human behavior like a brain-based psychophysiologist with this video from NOVA.

Trauma and Anxiety

Resolve ADHD and More by Home Neurofeedback with Remote Supervision

ADHD hurts productivity, friendships, self-esteem, sobriety, sleep, and piece of mind.


Families are robbed of close and affectionate years together.


ADHD results from problems with brain maturation. It is a brain disorder, not a personality disorder.

Neurofeedback is like giving the brain a mirror so it can understand how to mature.

Today, we are able to offer remotely supervised home neurofeedback to our clients.  This breakthrough treatment is the same as in-office neurofeedback, but at a fraction of the price, and with the luxury of choosing your own training schedule.


Neurofeedback (brain training) is a scientifically proven, holistic treatment for ADHD. With in-home neurofeedback, all the equipment needed is supplied, and every step of treatment is monitored remotely.  By training at home, you dictate your own schedule of up to 30 sessions per month for a predictable, fixed monthly rate.  

Online Neurofeedback

Resolve Trauma and Anxiety

Trauma overwhelms the nervous system. Mind then attaches threatening or depressing meanings to what has happened. Anxiety takes hold.


Anxiety takes a terrible toll on health and happiness. Eventually, anxiety gives way to exhaustion and isolation. Opportunities disappear. 


A handful of sessions can gently and painlessly reverse the effects of trauma and anxiety. 

Let Dr. Fisher answe your questions.  Call or text to 310.703.7449, or complete the contact form.

Sad on Couch

Our son has a diagnosis of level 4 autism and was nonverbal at 6 years old.  I say "was" because after 5 months of daily at-home neurofeedback, he is now able to speak 100 words, and is able to speak in sentences.  He recently reminded me of something I forgot to do, showing awareness of us and our schedule.  His report card has gone from an F in math to a B.  His speech therapist has been amazed at his remarkable improvement. 

--Kim Duong

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