Online Anxiety Therapy during COVID-19.

Welcome to our practice!  Online therapies are the safe way to heal without risk of pandemic exposure.  Our practice is designed to be online.


We are guided by the idea that our mental health profession should provide the benefits of recent scientific advances.  Our practice is driven by the science of psychophysiology -- literally mind-body interactions.  Our team works with genetic counselors, integrative psychiatrists, neuropsychological testing experts, nutritionists, and therapists and psychologists who have specialized training. 


We provide  home neurofeedback and biofeedback.  We also offer remote or in-office trauma hypnotherapy, brain-based therapies, and coaching.  The practice specializes in brief resolution of trauma, anxiety, depression, and in science-based treatment of addiction, and ADHD/OCD.

Our goal is to give you the time and space you need to communicate, to ask questions, and to learn and discover real solutions.  

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& Biofeedback

Neurofeedback is biofeedback, but from the neck up.  Your brain's purpose is to regulate you.  When regulation becomes imbalanced due to physical, mental, or emotional trauma, or stress, epigenetic impact, addiction, or even just bad habits, brain training can let the brain recover.  Brain training can also optimize mental or physical performance in an otherwise healthy brain.

Trauma Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis works at the level of mindbody interface.  The experience of hypnosis, just as all other types of impactful experience, literally changes the brain.  Deeply held and often invisible compelling meanings can be easily updated to allow freedom and possibility not previously known.  We teach mindfulness which is more efficient and easier than meditation as one form of self-hypnosis.



We partner with a neuropsychological testing agency to provide at-home or in-office testing and evaluation.  This is done by computer.  The information helps us to complete the picture of your brain's cognitive, task-oriented abilities.  Basically, it is another measure of how your brain is performing.  This testing is used to create a more specific clinical picture and to track your progress. 



The way your heart behaves and the way you breathe intricately feed back to your brain's cognitive and emotional systems to signal safety or threat.  These functions occur automatically, but they are also responsive to biofeedback training.  Studies show that biofeedback can be more effective than prescription medications for anxiety and depression.


Brain Mapping

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) is a short, easy in-office test that shows us your brain activity.  We are able to look at your brainwaves and see patterns related to anxiety, depression, sleep problems, heartbreak and grief, rage, learning disabilities and other problems with self-regulation. The brain map provides a specific, tailored treatment plan.  We recheck your progress periodically to keep treatment most targeted.



Your genes direct your body to build  the ability to build the neurotransmitters and hormones that control how your brain and nervous system direct your mind and body.  It's possible to have an excess or deficit of these because of genetic factors.  Certain physicians are trained in treating these problems holistically - at their core - to correct rather than medicate. Our team works with these psychiatrists.


our team

Dr. Lorrie Fisher


PhD in Applied Psychophysiology

California Marriage & Family Therapist

Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Board Certified in Neurofeedback

Certified in Heart Rate Variability Training

Certified in Brainspotting

Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming

Certified in EMDR

Certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy

Diplomate American Academy of Traumatic Stress

Clinical Fellow AAMFT

Trainer in Clinical Trauma Hypnotherapy

Teacher Kriya Meditation

Trainer Mindfulness

Lorrie has a background in architecture, medicine, and metaphysics.  She is partnering with her fiancée to develop inexpensive, high quality, devices for home treatments.

John is an avid surfer whenever he can access ocean and an avid student and innovator of neurofeedback and biofeedback signal analysis and training protocols since 1998.  

John LeMay


Diplomate in Quantitative Encephalography (QEEGD)

California Marriage & Family Therapist (reactivating)

Board Certified in Biofeedback

Co-Founder (with George Green PhD) of Cerebotix Corporation 

Board of Directors, The Biofeedback Society of California

Editor, The Biofeedback Society of California Quarterly Newsletter 2006-14

Faculty Assistant Saybrook University

Trainer in QEEG interpretation

Beta Tester for NeXus and Thought Technology software



We treat the following conditions or behavioral consequences of these conditions:

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Depression

  • Panic and Phobias

  • ADHD, ADD, and OCD

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Addiction

  • Psychogenic Seizure Disorders

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Heartbreak and Grief

  • Chronic Pain Management

We also provide performance enhancement ("fine tuning") neurofeedback and biofeedback.  

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If you haven't done genetic testing at Ancestry23andMe, (to learn more, go to this 23&Me page) or through your physician, please consider doing so, then uploading the results to for general results or for a more useful medications and detox profile.  (Genetic Genie is more useful, but the web address is not secure). Alternately, we can arrange specific genetic screening through our genetic counseling partners. Our practice uses this information to understand whether your biochemistry is missing specific nutritional elements needed to repair and maintain your brain health.  Nutritional support can make it easier for your brain to benefit from any therapy.




"Lorrie is amazing!  I had severe baggage from childhood which was related to many forms of traumatic abuse. I've been to many therapists over the years and none seemed to help.  In only a handful of sessions, Lorrie was able to help me become completely cured of the stress, phobias, and insecurities that plagued my life when I first walked into her office. 

-Erin S., Sarasota, FL


Robert is Lorrie's son.  This is how her involvement with neurofeedback began.  We know that there are multiple subtypes of ADD | ADHD because these are labels put on a group of brain dysregulations.  Robert's survey is for a distracted type of ADHD.  The kind we think of when we hear ADHD.  Many adults weep when they read the questions for the first time. It's a relief to be understood.

We get that all forms of this disorder involve lying to save face and some form of learned anxiety around others because of the lying and also because the way the brain is processing events leads to social rejection and certain types of failure.

While this survey reads as if it's for young people, every person burdened by this disorder has had a childhood with at least aspects of this reality.  And, at the crux of the horror of the disorder is the need to lie to survive. 


It is known that neurofeedback is as effective as medication without the side-effects. And (unlike medication) neurofeedback doesn't wear off after 8 hours.  It doesn't cause emotional numbness, stunt growth, cause anger, lead to use of street drugs and alcohol to manage side-effects, or tempt people to deal pills.


Statistics reveal that 9 million Americans with ADD | ADHD suffer more, fail more, self-medicate more, divorce more, have more car crashes and unwanted pregnancies, and even suicide more than he general population.  Why waste life when neurofeedback is available for office or home training?

Robert's ADHD Survey (c)

1.  Are simple tasks emotionally overwhelming?  Does it seem like they will never end?

2.  Is it hard to pick out a conversation from all the other noises and activities going on?

3.  Do you have trouble connecting to people (making friends) because you miss so much of what is being said that people think you're strange?  Does this make you feel anxious around people?

4.  Do your moods change a lot during a day?

5.  Does it seem like what feels good is good?  Do your choices disappoint or hurt other people (and you)?

6.  Can you only focus on the things you love?  Do you often lose focus even on a test?

7.  Do you lie a lot because you ALWAYS forget something and don't want to get in trouble or disappoint people?

8.  Is it almost impossible to do something before you have to?  Do you tend to work out of fear?

9.  Do you find that the thing you're doing and the thing you're thinking about are rarely the same thing?

10.  Do people often come at you with reminders, lists, and help getting ready?

Does this survey describe you?.  If it does, neurofeedback is considered a "best practices" solution by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  [If you're an adult, it's not too late!] 



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