Have you felt stuck  for months or even years with the same issue?  Perhaps anxiety, irrational worry for the future, or inability to focus or organize? Trauma, anxiety, and attention problems steal from life. With brain-based therapies, your mind could be working FOR you, often in only a handful of sessions. Ask about Fisher Behavior's accelerated, online, science-based solutions for trauma, anxiety, and ADHD.  This includes fully supervised at-home neurofeedback, conversational hypnotherapy, and concierge coaching. At the request of her clients, Dr. Fisher now offers individual concierge coaching or couple's reintegration therapy to a select number of clients. 


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Online Trauma and Anxiety Resolution


Traumatic events overwhelm the nervous system. That’s shock. Mind then attaches scary or depressing meanings to what has happened. Life becomes more complicated and less manageable.


Panic and anxiety take a terrible toll on health and happiness. Eventually anxiety gives way to exhaustion and isolation. Opportunities evaporate. 


A handful of sessions can gently and painlessly reverse the effects of trauma and anxiety. When unconscious mind shifts what it's been believing about Self or about what happened, then recovery is natural and lasting. 

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Today, we are able to offer remotely supervised home neurofeedback to clients.  This breakthrough treatment is the same as in-office neurofeedback, but at a fraction of the price, and with the luxury of choosing your own training schedule.


Neurofeedback (brain training) is a scientifically proven, holistic treatment for ADHD. With in-home neurofeedback, all the equipment needed is supplied, and every step of treatment is monitored remotely. You skip travel, sitting in waiting rooms, significantly higher per-session expenses.  In exchange you dictate your own schedule of up to 30 sessions per month for a much lower flat rate.

Online Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

ADHD hurts productivity, friendships, self-esteem, sobriety, sleep, and piece of mind. Families are robbed of close and affectionate years together. ADHD results from problems with brain maturation. Not from personality.


When areas of someone's brain are out of balance, the person's thoughts, feelings, and actions are thrown off balance. Depression, anxiety, problems with focus and attention, and sleep and appetite disorders show up. Our services pinpoint which parts of the brain need to catch up developmentally, then we provide home-neurofeedback and biofeedback to assist the brain in maturing those functions.

Neurofeedback is effective because it lets the brain see where and how it can be more efficient...Just like giving the brain a mirror so it can understand how it's doing.

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Couples Reintegration


Couples reintegration with hypnotherapy and biofeedback options is an intensive program for couples who feel lonely. threatened, or flat within their relationship.  We offer a range of services (biofeedback, trauma therapy, coaching) to restore a sense of trust, balance, and maybe even lost passion. Threat arousal, whether learned within the relationship, or long ago, interferes with connection and bonding.  Once a couple feels that they have each other's back, then a positive relationship can follow.  


This service is limited to fewer than a handful of couples. There is generally a waiting list.


Inquire as to availability.


Concierge Coaching


Concierge coaching with hypnotherapy and biofeedback options is a stand-alone service for our clients who seek to optimize their personal and professional health, success, and relationships. 


This service is limited to fewer than a handful of clients. There is generally a waiting list.


Inquire as to availability.

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"Gerry was really struggling in middle school. Counselors even said that autism could be a factor. After 10 weeks of daily neurofeedback, his report card went from Fs to an A in math and a C in English. He has become helpful around the house, and does his homework independently. He even started composing songs on the keyboard."

- Marina C., South Gate, CA