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Neurofeedback at Home

QEEG Comparison.JPG

These are brain map analysis comparison results from a teenage boy who came for ADHD treatment.  You can intuitively understand the improvement before (at left) and after (at right) neurofeedback training at home.  While there is still a bit more that can be done, this teen has considerably improved in his ability to communicate clearly, to make better choices, and to focus in class.

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A Neurofeedback Session

The computer loaned to you will contain software (one option shown above) that responds to activity in your brain usually by varying the speed of a spaceship, volume of sound, and presence of fog.  To do a session, a small amount of water soluble paste connects small gold sensors to your forehead or scalp at the locations determined by your brain map analysis. A session, consists of watching a video for about 20 minutes.  At the end of the session, you remove and rinse your sensors, close the program, and all of the information is automatically sent to Fisher Behavior.

Getting Started 

We begin with a brain map study which shows us what is needed to help your brain perform better for you.  This test is done at home with equipment we provide, or in person if you are local to Orange County. Remote tests are supervised step-by-step and take about an hour. The analyst uploads your data to be evaluated for your brain-based protocol.


Dr. Fisher will provide all the equipment you need to conduct sessions at home. Every step of the process will be supervised online until you are completely comfortable with the equipment and protocols.  Most people become relatively independent after about 3 - 4 sessions.  

As you progress, your program is modified remotely.  Dr. Fisher will meet with you regularly to discuss progress and oversee the technical aspects of your training.

Pre- and Post- online neuropsychological testing gives you objective results of training, and will help to keep neurofeedback on target. Most clients repeat the initial brain map to see how their brain has changed from neurofeedback.


The At-Home Training Schedule

Training on a regular schedule is critical. For the first 3 weeks, you will be asked to commit to 3 sessions per week, somewhat evenly spaced apart.  These are supervised by Dr. Fisher remotely, so these will be scheduled.  After that, you will do a minimum of 2 sessions per week. You may do as many as one per day.  (Imagine the savings over in-office treatment!) During the course of neurofeedback, you will be supervised every time there is a new protocol, until it's comfortable to train independently.  

Once neurofeedback training is complete, a tapering schedule will be initiated over a period of weeks (at a reduced fee).  

Cost of At-Home Neurofeedback

At-Home neurofeedback saves hundreds of dollars, and, even more importantly, allows an accelerated training schedule (If you make time for additional sessions).

There is an initial fee of $350 paid to Dr. LeMay for the brain map test, analysis, report, and consultation.  Remapping is $250.   


If you're not in the vicinity of Newport Beach, neurofeedback equipment is mailed to you, and the  brain map test can be supervised remotely.  This involves UPS charges both ways and $50 in surance reimbursement to Fisher Behavior each way.


Once a protocol is established, neurofeedback equipment is loaned to you at no additional charge except for mailing costs. There is a one-time charge of $250 to cover materials.


Neurofeedback is charged at a flat monthly fee of $850. This includes unlimited initial supervision for each new protocol and bi-monthly virtual meetings. An additional family member may train for half price.   

During the first 3 weeks, 3 half hour sessions per week are strongly recommended. After that, 2 sessions are adequate, but they should be spaced evenly apart.  We do see more dramatic results with additional sessions.  It is not recommended to do neurofeedback if this schedule is not practical for you.


Clients who do not manage the twice weekly training minimum for 2 weeks in a row will be scheduled for weekly supervision  for the next 2 weeks at an additional charge of $300.  Please understand that these sessions will have to fit Dr. Fisher's schedule.  

Dr. Fisher will meet with you twice a month for follow-up when you are practicing on your own.  These meetings are scheduled. You also have access as needed by text or voicemail.


To integrate brain changes with personality and behavior changes, clients  may attend 3 online therapy sessions with Dr. Fisher.  These sessions are billed at $325 each, and run for 1.5 - 3 hours each. These can be allocated to  spouses, parents, the client, or the entire family.  Dr. Fisher will help you determine the best use of these sessions.  

This is a lot to absorb.  Please request a free consultation with Dr. Fisher by text at 310.703.7449, or by email so we can determine whether this is the right fit for you.

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