Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping

Question:  What is the process of doing neurofeedback at home?

Answer:  You will begin with a brain map study which shows us what is needed to help your brain perform better for you.  This test is done at home with equipment sent to you.  The test is supervised online.  You will need a "helper" to set up the test in your home.  The test takes about an hour.  When done, you return the equipment and the data to the QEEG (brain map) analyst  who will generate your brain-based protocol.


You will then receive all the equipment you need to conduct sessions at home. When you receive the equipment, you will be shown how to conduct home sessions.  Your initial sessions will all be supervised online until you are completely comfortable with the equipment and protocols.  Most people become relatively independent after about 3 sessions.  

As you progress, we can monitor your sessions, analyze them, and adjust your program remotely.  We also meet with you online every week to discuss progress and oversee the technical aspects of your training.

Question:  What type of commitment is required?


Answer:  Training on a regular schedule is critical.


You will be asked to do a minimum of 2 sessions per week. For clients beginning neurofeedback after May 1, 2021, If you do 3 sessions per week during any month, there is a treatment discount the following month. 

For people who struggle to maintain a weekly schedule of 2 sessions minimum, we then arrange bi-weekly supervision at a small surcharge.

Question:  What is a neurofeedback session like?

Answer:  The computer loaned to you will contain software that responds to activity in your brain. To do a session, you will use the paste provided to connect sensors to your scalp at the locations determined by your brain map results.  For the session, you will just watch a video display for about 20 minutes.  At the end of the session, you remove and rinse your sensors, close the program, and all of the information is automatically sent to Fisher Behavior.


Question:  What fees are involved?

Answer:  There is an initial fee paid to the analyst for the brain map test and analysis.  Then there is a flat monthly fee for home neurofeedback.  Equipment is loaned at no charge except a small fee for the sensors which are not returnable.  

Remote neurofeedback is significantly less costly than in-office neurofeedback and provides the opportunity for more frequent sessions and faster progress.

In-office sessions in Beverly Hills were $145 each.  With home neurofeedback, the total monthly cost is less than 4 sessions, and it is possible to do neurofeedback 3 or more times a week.