At Home Neurofeedback

Our clients used to slog through Los Angeles traffic twice weekly, and then pay in-office hourly clinician fees. Today, you can enjoy all the benefits of in--office neurofeedback at a fraction of the cost, on your own schedule, and with no need to fight traffic or sit in a waiting room waiting for your turn. 

At Fisher Behavior, we have engineered treatment so that it's easier to benefit from neurofeedback.  Better yet, you will have neurofeedback on demand!

Learn more!  Call, text, or email to Dr. Fisher to see if this is the right treatment for you.

How it Works
1,  You will do a brain map test with Dr. Fisher if you're local, and at home if you're not.  This consists of a computer listening to your brain for about 20 minutes through a cap with sensors in it.  If you're not local, equipment will be mailed to you and you will be supervised online through the process.  A friend or family member will be needed to help with the setup.

2.  You will receive a computer, amplifier, and all the accessories needed to do the same neurofeedback treatment at home as you would in-office.

3.  Dr. Fisher will coach you remotely until you are completely comfortable setting up and running a session without assistance. 

4.  Throughout your treatment, you will meet online every week or every other week with Dr. Fisher at a set appointment time.  Dr. Fisher is also available between appointments.

5.  At completion of your protocols, you may consider an updated brain map to evaluate progress.

6.  Billing is by a flat fee, prepaid monthly. Although it is the same as in-office treatment, at-home treatment is a fraction of the cost and at greater convenience. 

7.  Additional family members can be treated at a significant discount.