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How Can We Help?

We have partnered with a group of physicians, doctors of biochemistry, doctors of molecular biology, doctors of nutrition, and pharmacists, to provide their services at a discount to you. We understand that we can better help you resolve the issues you bring to us if the root causes are addressed. 


The group will do everything from genetic analysis, to research and recommendations based on your genome.    


We hope that all clients will take advantage of this opportunity to understand what they have inherited and how they can maximize their physical and mental health.

Is My Data Safe?
Take the Smart Path to Mental Wellness

Perhaps you've heard something about integrative or functional medicine approaches to wellness. You may know that up-to-date psychiatrists now prescribe based on genetic screening, rather than guess-work.  

Looking at differences in the ability of specific genes to fully or partially do the job they need to do is the science of biomarkers.  


By honoring the strengths and limitations imposed on you by your genes, professionals can help you take charge of your life and recover faster.  

We know that weaknesses in certain genes can push a person toward depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and even seizures and schizophrenia.  


If you address specific weaknesses in your genetic makeup, then all kinds of mental health therapies can be more effective.   You can learn how to help your body make the neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, and tissues that make you strong, stable, and secure.  

What's Included?

Your genetic analysis data is never sold or shared (as it is on some major genome analysis sites),  TYour data and reports becomes a protected part of your medical record at Fisher Behavior. 

Save time.
Save money.
Feel better faster. 
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We can use your Ancestry, 23andMe, Heritage, or other DNA screen, or we can provide a more extensive screening test.

We then obtain targeted reports that use your unique genetic profile to provide empirically-based recommendations on things you can do and nutritional guidelines you can follow to help correct weaknesses your analysis shows.

Reports are available on topics related to mental health, physical health, and normal life changes, like aging, or sleep.


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