Your Genes &
Your Well-Being

How Can We Help?

Perhaps you've already decided it would be interesting to learn about your genes.  Maybe you have a genetic report sitting in a drawer because it's too complicated to be of any use.  

We realize that genome analysis has not been useful in a practical way, which is why we have developed our proprietary method of reporting.


To do this, we have partnered with a group of 2 physicians,  and 13 PhD doctors of biochemistry, doctors of molecular biology, doctors of nutrition, and pharmacy.  We take their analysis and recommendations and consolidate them into a user-friendly action plan.


You will learn what you can to to work with your genes. We can best help you resolve the issues you bring to us if the root causes are addressed. 

What's Included?

Your personalized Genome Action Summary Report will cover topics related to Wellness and Mental Health.  The report summarizes actions you can take to maximize your mental health, physical health, and normal life changes, like aging, or sleep.


A more extensive summary report is available to address genetic disorders that may be of concern..  

Take the Smart Path to Mental Wellness

Perhaps you've heard something about integrative or functional medicine approaches to wellness. You may know that up-to-date psychiatrists now prescribe based on genetic screening, rather than guess-work.  

We know that weaknesses in certain genes can push a person toward depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and even seizures and schizophrenia.  


If you address specific weaknesses in your genetic makeup, then all kinds of mental health therapies can be more effective.   You can learn how to help your body make the neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, and tissues that make you strong, stable, and secure.  

Is My Data Safe?

Your genetic analysis data is never sold or shared (as it is on some major genome analysis sites),  TYour data and reports becomes a protected part of your medical record at Fisher Behavior. 

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